• B2B and B2C webshops
  • Language versions
  • Integrated Ipad app for sales representatives

"Implementing the VOI web-shop, in both Portuguese and international versions, has enabled us to expand our horizons and the extent of our business in a global way. 

These were the first important steps towards an international position that would otherwise be unattainable. There is now a potential for infinite growth"

Gustavo Vidal, Owner



Webshop (B2B & B2C) with customers on three continents

VIDAL has sold fabrics and accessories from their shops in Porto and Lisoba since 1966.

Establishing webshops has enabled them to sell to two new, highly interesting segments; portuguese emigrants (primarily in Europe) and customers in the former portuguese colonies (mainly Brasil, Angola and Mozambique). The english webshop has resulted in an increasing amount of orders from international customers.

In january 2016 a B2B shop was added, along with a work interface for commercial staff, allowing them to work with B2B customers who can gain special benefits from quantity discounts and more.

Selected features:

  • Responsive design
    The shop works seamlessly on all devices (desktop, pads, smartphones & other handheld devices), as content and design adapts automatically.

  • Online payment systems
    Payments can be made via credit card, generate MB reference (to be paid in ATMs across Portugal) or via bank transfer.

  • Language version
    Stand-alone english version for international customers.
  • B2B shop
    Includes work interface for VIDALS commercial staff for easy presentation and (re)selling

  • Newsletter
    Create newsletters in predesigned template with selected content from the website. Sendout to all 1000s of subscribers.

  • Search with suggestions
    Real-time search suggestions as you type

  • Campaign/slide-show module
    Run time-controlled campaigns, linking to specific products, categories or campaign pages.


You can visit VIDAL here: 

VIDAL TECIDOS (english) / VIDAL TECIDOS ( portuguese)