Software development

Technology should assist the visitor and encourage specific behaviour which convert visits into desired, measureable goals defined by the sender/producer. At the same time it must be easy to administer. Sometimes by several administrators, with different access priviledges & userroles - and by people who work in different languages. We have delivered technical solutions to a wide range of projects such as:

In order to make sure we create the right software with the right UX design and functionality for the right target audience, a good work methodology is crucial. We therefore split up a project in three phases:





1. Analysis & Planning

Our first target is to understand your business, work methodology and relevant processes depending on what type of project we do for you. 

Based on that, we specify a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Together, we adjust and refine untill we have the perfect solution for you.






2. Software Development

With the obtained knowledge, it is now clear what should be developed and how it should work.

A process with goals, milestones and presentations is setup, allowing space for additional ideas to be discussed. 

Robust testing is a core concept at the end of the phase.






3. Deploy, Evaluate, Improve

When we agree the solution is done in accordance with the agreed and live up to your expectations, we launch it and start the maintenance phase.

After a period of time (typically 30-180 days depending on type of solution), we evaluate the project with you and plan for future improvement/further developments cycles.




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