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Digital Communication

Who are my target groups? Where are they? How do I reach them - and how do I communicate with them? Whether you are an established or new company, the questions related to why, how, where in an online, multiplatform reality are many. We can help you with

  • Evaluation of existing online communication strategy
  • Formulation of multiplatform strategies
  • Technical analysis and evaluation of existing solutions
  • Specification requirements for new/upgraded solutions

We are here to help

We help you to create a communication strategy and make the choises that distinguish you from your competitors!




Technical development

A digital presence no longer means a static, informative website or a "we are here" profile on Facebook. We develop software designed to take care of all aspects of your digital appearance, such as


  • How to service your visitors/users/customers on various platforms such as web, pads, mobile, apps (cloud and local), when and how they want it.
  • Cross-publish content on various channels (f.ex. web, touch-screen info kiosks, downloadable catalogs, social and professional networks etc)
  • Allow employees and cooperation partners to work online from anywhere - and in their own language (including integration to other systems)

The cloud

We develop software to satisfy all needs from your frontend visitors and backend users!



Problem to solution to.....  

Interface- and interaction design

Design is much more than aesthetics. A design process can include interaction design, behavioural analysis and conversion optimisation.


  • Planning and development of design, structure, content and navigational flow - based upon specific usertypes and behavioural patterns.
  • Setup of behavioural tests with different usertypes & profiles.
  • Implementation of tools for tracking and analyising incoming traffic, site usage & behaviour - and conversion tracking to desired action(s). Test of multiple entrance/funnel solutions. Ongoing loops of optimisation & evaluation, in order to continuously improve performance.

We create natural flows that lead to desired actions from your visitors:

    Traffic generation  >  On-site/on-app behaviour  >  Goal conversion