How to communicate to travellers & employees via touch-screen information kiosks in airports on Madeira and Porto Santo

This project includes different types of large-sized touch + non-touch information kiosks, located in the airports of Funchal (Madeira) and Porto Santo.

Some kiosks are designed for the travellers and offers:

  • a variety of information & inspiration about the destinations (cultural events, points of interest, hiking  & biking routes, weather forecasts etc)
  • possibility to scan relevant info on QR codes and bring it with you on your phone (f.ex. adresses on museums, events stored directly in your calendar etc)
  • practical info about the airport, how to get to and from it , parking prices etc. 

Other kiosks are for internal use (employees only) and includes:

  • Internal communication
  • Daily menues in the different restaurants & cafés  
  • Employee offers (partnership discount programs etc)
  • Actual satisfaction statistics and other surveys

The system allows for external content feed which is delivered by various sources such as airport employees, cooperation partners located outside (f.ex. the national tourism board) as well as automatised integration to external webressources (weather predictions etc).


Delivery included: 

  • Design (graphical + interaction) of all interfaces for the different kiosks
  • Interface development (users, content managers and administrators)
  • Technical developments (functionality)
  • Technical setup (Backoffice CMS + implementation of Acquire)
  • Statistics (tracking, analysis and presentation)
  • Maintenance contract


Data-flow (simplified):


Content and behaviour on all kiosks is controlled from a central platform, run by Backoffice CMS