• Find out if and how you can save money by shifting to carsharing
  • Learn about the environmental benefits

Is carsharing an option for me? Online calculator

Eiedele is a norwegian online calculator designed to help people determine whether it can be finansially viable to replace own cars with carsharing - and also highlight the potential reduction in CO2 emissions when changing to carsharing.

The visitor inserts the numberplate, which then extracts information about the cartype and model, consumption, emissions etc. In addition the user inserts data about location, driving usage and -pattern and other factors such as paid parking.

The calculator will then output prices for switching to major carsharing companies, as well as a "cheapest mix" option where the user shops between the different carsharing companies, depending on the type of trip.

Results can be sent by mail or printed as PDF.

The project was made for "Transportøkonomisk Institut" in Oslo, as part of a research project into carsharing versus owning a car, where 25000 carusers were asked to participate. It will be open to the public at a later day.


Technical setup

The calculator interacts with public registers. Calculations are done in Python and then presented on the site.

All user interactions are logged and stored in a DB for later analysis.