• Environmental friendly
  • Better value for money than printed reports
  • Search, browse, download features
  • Compare to previous reports


“VOI has delivered professional advice, great functionality and a fresh design to our online Annual Reports.

This enables us to present them with pride to key stakeholders and partners worldwide.”

 Joakim Arntsen, Senior Advisor Multiconsult, GET FiT

Goodbye to pollutive paper, print and shipping. Hello to online annual reports, with downloadable PDF versions

GET FiT Uganda is phase one in the ambitious Get Fit program initiated by Deutche Bank Group, with project funds made available by Federal German Ministry for Environment. the main objective is to assist East African nations in pursuing a climate resilient low-carbon development path resulting in growth, poverty reduction and climate change mitigation. 

Being a modern and environmental friendly organisation like GET FiT, printing out & shipping heavy annual reports was not ideal. Instead we developed an online alternative that gave some powerful benifits:

Strengthen & underline the environmental profile
Printed annual reports with many pages in full color, also means paper waste, pollutive print processes & shipping/postage. Goiing online reduces this to zero.


Make use of modern technologies
An online report allows integrated use of integrated video, interactive graphics, roll-over explanatory dictionary, one-click share your with network etc.


Reach a wider audience
Printed copies reach the people they are handed out to - whereas an online version can reach a much wider audience as it can be found via the GET FiT website, online search engines & social media.


Cost efficiency
An online report is based on design templates with a Backoffice CMS running in the background. This means that from the second online annual report, a large part of the work needed is already done as the "machinery" remains the same.

The online annual report is fully searchable/browseable and can be read online or printet/downloaded in a PDF version.

Visit the GET FiT Annual reports here: