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How do we make companies more bicycle friendly? (And get more people to commute by bicycle)

"Sykkelvennlig Bedrift" (bicycle-friendly company) was a campaign made by the Norwegian Bicycle Assosiation. It aimed at helping companies to become more bicycle friendly, by certifying them. By doing so it would motivate the employees to use bicycle as their mean of transportation to the work place.

The company gains in terms of less sick leave and happier employees - and society gains by having healthier citizens, less pollution, better traffic conditions, less costs for medical services etc. 


When a company enters the certification process, it will receive:

  1. An analysis on the the companys current situation is made
  2. Employee behaviour and motivation, towards bicycling to/from work is mapped
  3. A "Company Potential Report" is made which focuses on areas that has room for improvements. Practical suggestions are included
  4. Evaluation after suggestions has been implememented
  5. Approval and formal certification of the company.